Flux display 2020 was inspired by the Fluxus Art Movement of the 1960's and 1970's, in particular its interest in the workings of chance and the overlooked elements of the ordinary. Created through the process of tracing over typefaces from Fluxus artefacts and documents, Flux Display 2020 has an experimental, unstructured quality that brings playfulness to headlines and larger text. 
I delved deeper into the Fluxus spirit, inspired by the unique circumstances of 2020, which forced us all to look closer at the ordinary elements of our lives. I took a quote from the Fluxus Artist Dick Higgins to illustrate the typeface in use. I also applied the Fluxus spirit to 2020 and designed a hypothetical future happening at the Southbank Centre, in which washing one's hands, at sinks placed 2m apart from other visitors, becomes a piece of performance art. 
I experimented with the element of chance, by pulling out a set of random characters and rearranging them into statements, which I used to design a series of posters below.
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